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Your Home, Your Investment: The ABCs of Preparing your Home for Sale

Your Home, Your Investment: The ABCs of Preparing your Home for Sale

So you are thinking of selling your home, great!  Before you put it out on the market, you will want to do some preparation work. In a balanced market, where buyers have a choice of homes, this preparation work is even more important. Do one a day and you will be ready to sell. There are many great lists out there with suggestions for you, here is ours:

The ABCs of Preparing your Home for Sale

Accessorize: As you prepare you home a viewing or open house, think about adding accessories to certain room.  A fresh bowl of fruit in the kitchen or fresh flowers (non-scented) in your living room creates a welcoming environment for buyers viewing your home.

Bathroom:  Bathrooms are a key room buyers will assess when viewing your home.  Without embarking on a full renovation project, you will want to make it looks its best – clean and sparkly.  After honest assessment, consider replacing toilet seats, toilet paper rolls, towel racks, etc.  At every viewing, place clean, preferably white, towels on the racks and remove all personal toiletries from view.

Closets: Buyers will want to check out the storage space that your home offers.  To best show off this feature of your some, pre-pack some of your off-season items and leave closets spaces 2/3 in use.

De-Personalize: Specific personal items such as family photos, collections, unique personal items (think large faux tiger rugs) will distract the buyer from seeing your home as a fit for them.  Remove and pre-pack all of these items.

Extra keys:  Likely, a lockbox with a key to your home will be needed for viewings and open houses.  Rather than have to access this each time you enter your home, you may want to get an extra copy of your key.

Front Door (for houses): Just after buyers see your front garden, they will see your front door step and door.  First, make sure the steps and door are all in good working condition.  If not, fix them.  If the door needs it, give it a fresh coat of paint or a touch-up.  Add accessories such as a welcome mat and perhaps a seasonal planter to create the best first impression.

Gutters (for houses): The exterior of your home should be in good working order.  To make sure water is properly draining from your home, clean out your gutters or eavestroughs.

Home Inspection (for houses):  Prior to negotiations, you may want to arm yourself with a home inspection.  Any issues identified with your home can be addressed or factored into your asking price. 

Intense Emotions:  Selling a home you have lived in through a stage or stages of your life can bring up intense emotions in you and in your family members.  Take time to acknowledge your emotions, honour past memories and then, look optimistically to the future in your future home.

Junk De-cluttering: Clutter or junk includes items that are 1) garbage (that which is broken, out of date or not in use), 2) out of place (that which is in the wrong room or place), 3) not useful or necessary (unwanted gifts or items bought in error) and 4) belong to someone.  In preparation for your home sale and moving, you will want to throw, sort or donate these items.

Kitchen: Kitchens can be the heart of the home and can sell your home.  Clean out cupboards, refrigerators and ovens.  Keep countertops as clear as possible.  Consider packing away extra pots and pans, dishes and small appliances to fully show the space your kitchen has to offer.

Landscaping (for houses): Landscaping adds to the curb appeal of your home.  Consider removing overgrown shrubs and planting new ones and completing any walkway or driveway repairs.  Make sure to weed walkways and keep lawns mowed for viewings. 

Make plans for animals (including humans!):  Buyers will be more relaxed viewing your home without the distraction of pets, kids or even you the homeowner.  It is best to make a plan for where you all can be during this time.

Neutral colour scheme: A neutral colour scheme will be more appealing to buyers.  If you are painting or buying new bedding, select neutral tones.

Odor Elimination:  Be it fish or pet smell, you may have grown accustom to the unique the odors that build up in your home.  The impression your buyers have of your home will be impacted by how your home smells. If needed, clean all surfaces where the dog lays, and clean the cat’s litter box daily.  Prior to viewings, air out rooms and spray air fresheners.

Paperwork:  Gather all paperwork related to your home including: utility bills, tax bills, renovation details, warranties, mortgage details, etc.  It is helpful to have this in one file as questions come up.

Quick Clean up and Tidy: You will want to do one big or Xtreme cleaning and then daily or prior to each viewing, you will want to do a quick clean up and tidy. 

Realtor: Select David Gharat Real Estate Group to help you through the process.  We are proud to have served our clients with trusted and dedicated service.

Status Certificate (for condos): Prior to negotiations, obtain the status certificate for your condominium building.

Touch-up Paint: A coat of paint can be the least expensive and easiest way to refresh a tired room or outside features of your home.  Go through your home, inside and outside, and list areas where some paint will help.  Remember to keep new colours neutral.

Update Light: Make sure all lights have light bulbs and are in good working order.  Consider updating old light fixtures.  The light fixtures you select should make the style of your home.

Vacuum Floors and Walls:  Vacuum and clean floors and walls making sure to get all cobwebs and to remove dirt and stains.

Window Cleaning:  Shiny windows inside and out will present your home in the best possible light.

Xtreme Cleaning: We recommend you complete Xtreme cleaning.  This is like spring cleaning but with a thought to moving.  Your Xtreme cleaning will include many items on this list.  Once you complete this one Xtreme or big cleaning session, you will maintain it with Quick Clean-ups and Tiding as your home is on the market.

Your Basement:  Whether finished or unfinished, take some time to clean and tidy all its rooms.

Zen Bedrooms:  Bedrooms should be presented as peaceful and restful areas.  Make sure to de-personalize the space, use neutral or pale colours, and make sure closets are in their best shape. 

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